Your Photographer - Bobby Cunningham

Since getting my first 35mm Camera when I was 10 years old, I have had a passion for photography. I sold my first painting when I was 12 years old but soon moved to the camera as a means to express my creativity. After spending 10 years playing music professionally, I rediscovered my passion for photography after taking up scuba diving.

As time went on and as more people began to see my work, I began to receive requests for portraits and some commercial work and by 1999 I started Gulf Images Photography. It is my sincere desire to supply my customers with something more than a picture, a piece of life if you will, something for the ages.

Your Assistant - Kim Cunningham

Assistant doesn't even come close to the contributions Kim makes to our company. Not only is she my Bride, she is a great assistant and the hardest working woman you'll ever meet. Kim not only assists me in shot setups, she is wonderful with children and has an uncanny ability to bring that perfect smile to their faces. She can also help with make up, clothing issues and generally makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

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